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    Discussions and Forum Posted on Lynchburg is Listening Website

    Two new discussions, New Trash Bag System and Art Proposals Sought have been posted on the City’s Lynchburg is Listening citizen engagement portal. With the onset of the new trash bag system, the City is interested to know citizens’ thoughts on the new system - both pros and cons. 


    The Art Proposal Discussion is a date sensitive discussion for providing ideas for art work that could beautify the newly constructed 11th Street stairway. 


    A forum has also been posted regarding the FY 2015 Proposed Budget. This forum lists a brief summary of the FY 2015 Proposed Budget and provides a direct link to the budget documents. Citizens are encouraged to give feedback on the budget. 


    Lynchburg is Listening is an online portal designed to enhance community engagement. It is a moderated platform to encourage citizen ideas, gain feedback on City initiatives, and prioritize community interests. Post your idea or participate in discussions and forums regarding your community. The ideas and other feedback contributed on this website will be made available to City administration and when appropriate, City Council.