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    Emergency Preparedness for Hurricane Season

    Although Lynchburg is not close to the coast, we are not immune to the impact of hurricanes! The city may still experience high winds, thunderstorms, heavy rains and flooding.  According to the National Weather Service, hurricanes are categorized according to the strength of the wind using a Saffir-Simpson Scale.  A category 1 has the lowest sustained wind speed, and a category 5 has the highest.  It is important to remember that a lower category hurricane can inflict greater damage than a higher rated storm, depending on where they strike and what hazards they bring.

    Officials with the Lynchburg Department of Emergency Services encourage residents to be aware of the dangers of hurricanes and other severe weather.  According to William Aldrich, Director of Emergency Services, preparedness can make a huge difference when it comes to weathering a storm.

    “We strongly encourage families to develop an emergency plan that designates a place to go in case of evacuations and to compile a readiness kit of important supplies, including medication, non-perishable food items and water,” said Aldrich.

    To help you and your family stay informed and to receive additional emergency preparedness tips, follow the Lynchburg Department of Emergency Services on Twitter (@LynchburgDES) or “like” their Facebook page (Lynchburg Department of Emergency Services).  You can also get more information at


    Preparing makes sense! Don’t wait for an emergency to happen.