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    Emergency Services Launches Public Outreach Campaign

    The Lynchburg Department of Emergency Services recently launched a widespread effort to make the telephone numbers for various non-emergency resources in the Lynchburg area better known. As part of their “Who Ya Gonna Call” campaign, several infographics will be distributed in the form of posters as well as online via social media and news articles.

    Virginia 1-1 Numbers

    2-1-1 Health & Human Service Inquiries
    4-1-1 Directory Assistance
    5-1-1 Travel Information & Road Conditions
    6-1-1 Cell Phone Customer Service
    7-1-1 Relay for the Deaf
    8-1-1 Miss Utility for Digging in the Ground
    9-1-1 Emergency Dispatch for Police, Fire, & Rescue

    Emergency vs. Non-Emergency Numbers

    9-1-1 should only be used when there is an active threat to harm lives and properties. Using 9-1-1 for situations that are NOT an immediate threat to life or property could tie up 9-1-1 lines for someone who is actually experiencing an emergency.

    Non-Emergencies include situations such as: parking complaints, noise complaints, lost or found property, fraud/identity theft, loitering/panhandling, abandoned vehicles, minor property damage accidents, non-aggressive dogs running loose, and general questions.

    Non-emergency requests for City of Lynchburg police, fire/EMS, or animal warden dispatch should be directed to the non-emergency  number for the Lynchburg Department of Emergency Services which is (434) 847-1602. Residents are encouraged to add this telephone number to their contacts for future reference. For City of Lynchburg general information inquiries, please call the Citizens First Information Center at (434) 856-CITY.

    A greater awareness of these resources could potentially lower the number of non-emergency calls made on 9-1-1 lines, allowing Emergency Services to better serve callers facing emergency situations. At the same time, this information can connect citizens directly with resources above and beyond what Emergency Services is able to provide.

    The Department of Emergency Services has active Facebook and Twitter pages as well as new Instagram and LinkedIn accounts. Citizens are encouraged to follow them on social media to keep this and other important preparedness and community information at their fingertips.