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    Lynchburg Fire Dept. Issues Clarification Re: Accrediation

    On Thursday, November 30, a local television station reported that the Lynchburg Fire Department’s accreditation was in jeopardy.  In order to clarify the situation, Deputy Chief Greg Wormser issued the following statement:

    “When the assessment team from the Center for Public Safety Excellence visited earlier this year, they identified deficiencies in documentation. Some criteria used to evaluate agencies have changed in the five years since our previous accreditation visit. The deferred status simply gives the Lynchburg Fire Department some time to collect and analyze data more comprehensively. The Department believes that the process and reporting improvements currently underway will result in successful re-accreditation in 2018.”

    The Lynchburg Fire Department believes in the accreditation process and the value in conducting a comprehensive assessment of all aspects of service delivery. Ultimately, this information is used to ensure that citizens receive the highest quality service possible in the most efficient manner.

    The assessment team was impressed with the services provided by the Lynchburg Fire Department and its obvious commitment to serve the community. “We want the citizens of this community to know that this has nothing to do with the level of service they receive from the Lynchburg Fire Department,” said Deputy Chief Wormser.  “Citizens will continue to receive the very best service we can provide.  This is a documentation and paperwork issue that we are working to remedy.”