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    Pedlar Gravity Line Inspection (Apr. 8-26)

    The City of Lynchburg's Department of Water Resources conducts an annual maintenance inspection of the raw water gravity line that connects the Pedlar Reservoir to the City of Lynchburg.  This year’s inspection will begin Monday, April 8 and continue through Friday, April 26, 2019. During the inspection, the Department will check for defects and safety hazards, and, if any are found, will schedule repairs.
    This raw water gravity line is essential to transport raw water from its source, the Pedlar Reservoir, to the Abert and College Hill Filtration Plants where it is treated and distributed to the citizens of Lynchburg and portions of the surrounding counties.  The annual inspection is performed to ensure the line is in good repair and operational at all times.
    For more information, call the Department of Water Resources at (434) 455-4250.