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    Statement from the City Manager Regarding Misappropriation of City Funds

    The following is a statement from Lynchburg City Manager Bonnie Svrcek regarding an ongoing investigation involving the misappropriation of City funds. Due to the nature of the ongoing investigation and the filing of criminal charges, no additional statements will be issued by the City Manager’s Office or the Fire Department regarding this issue.

    “On September 21, 2016, I issued a statement regarding the possible misappropriation of Lynchburg Fire Foundation funds and ensuing investigation into the matter by the Virginia State Police. At that time, it was believed that the discrepancies were limited to Fire Foundation funds only.
    Shortly after the discrepancies were identified, Deputy Fire Chief Jason Campbell resigned from his position with the Lynchburg Fire Department. Subsequent to his resignation, the Fire Department conducted a review of Campbell’s City issued credit card. The review indicated that Campbell has used the card inappropriately.  This information was immediately forwarded to the Virginia State Police for further investigation.
    Earlier today, May 1, multiple indictments were obtained against Jason Campbell for the misappropriation of public funds. Due to the criminal nature of the case, no other information can be provided by the City at this time.
    I want to ensure the public that the actions of this former employee are in no way consistent with the values of the Lynchburg Fire Department or of the City of Lynchburg. Maintaining public trust is critically important to the organization and such behavior will not be tolerated.  In addition, a review of all internal control mechanisms has been conducted and measures have been taken to strengthen accountability. 
    Although advances in technology have made it more difficult to detect fraud, I have every confidence in the City’s financial processes and procedures. I am appreciative of Fire Chief Brad Ferguson for his leadership during this time and the employees in Financial Services and the Fire Department who conducted a thorough review of Campbell’s financial transactions.”