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    Tourism Board Vacancies

    The City of Lynchburg is seeking individuals who wish to be considered for appointment to the Lynchburg Regional Tourism Board to assist the City in planning, organization, direction and administration of the City’s tourism program.
    The Tourism Board will consist of nine (9) members, all of who shall be appointed by Lynchburg City Council.  One member of the board will be the City Manager or Deputy City Manager. The other eight members of the board will be appointed from the community, and criteria for appointment may include, without limitation: (1) knowledge of the tourism industry and economic development interests; (2) relevant business experience; and (3) interest in and support of the tourism program. 
    The City’s Director of Tourism, Director of Economic Development and Director of Communications and Marketing shall be ex officio members of the board without voting rights.
    For an application, contact Valeria Chambers, Clerk of Council at 455-3990 or print an application. Applications may be faxed to (434) 847-1536 or emailed to the Clerk of Council at