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    Transfer of Skate Park from Amazement Square to City of Lynchburg

    Today, Wednesday, November 22, officials from Amazement Square and the City of Lynchburg met to discuss the transfer of the skate park property from Amazement Square to the City of Lynchburg.  Amazement Square has agreed to transfer the skate facility without requesting any compensation from the City of Lynchburg. Amazement Square wishes to retain and operate the adjacent train car as a café for trail users and visitors to Amazement Square. 

    Dr. Mort Sajadian, President and Chief Executive Officer of Amazement Square and Hank Hubbard, Chairman of the Amazement Square Board of Directors are hopeful that details regarding the transfer can be worked out prior to the end of the year and the eventual reopening of the skate park in early 2018.  

    At its November 14, 2017 meeting, City Council voted that Parks and Recreation will operate the skate facility following the successful transfer of the property to the City. City Manager Bonnie Svrcek praised Amazement Square for being the initial anchor in the redevelopment of Downtown as well as the destination for over 100,000 visitors annually and noted the long-term partnership between Amazement Square and the City of Lynchburg. 

    City Council will be briefed on today’s negotiation at a future meeting.