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    US 221 & US 501 Intersection Project

    The City of Lynchburg is proposing roadway improvements in the vicinity of the intersection of US 221 (Lakeside Drive) and US 501 (Lynchburg Expressway) to alleviate existing traffic congestions and delay, improve public safety, and accommodate anticipated traffic increases as growth continues to expand in the area.

    The current scope of work is to identify roadway improvement alternatives and prepare an Environmental Assessment for the alternatives being considered. This work will be completed in coordination with Virginia Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, and the City of Lynchburg community

    The Environmental Assessment is a study conducted to establish impacts, either positive or negative, about a particular project. It will consist of a technical evaluation and identify potential economic, social and environmental effects of the proposed roadway improvement alternatives. Public involvement is a key element of the Environmental Assessment process. Opportunities for public involvement are described below.


    The study area includes: South of Breezewood Drive on US 501, West of Breezewood Drive on US 221, North of RR Bridge on Old Forest Road, West of Old Forest Road/US 501 Intersection, East of Country Place Lane on US 221.


    The purpose of the project is to improve safety, increase capacity, and reduce delays along US 221 and US 501, which currently present some of the highest levels of congestion in the City of Lynchburg. Continued commercial, retail and housing growth has pushed the intersection over capacity, as exhibited by delays experienced during in the peak hours of travel.


    The current study phase began January 12, 2018 and will take approximately 18 months to complete.


    A number of public involvement meetings will be scheduled to keep citizens engaged and gather input about the project area. Meetings will be advertised via postcard, email, media outlets, and this webpage.


    Cella Molnar, Associates, Public Information & Outreach
    Heather Kennedy (434) 528-3041 or hkennedy@cella.cc

    Transportation Engineer
    Don Deberry (239) 565-8638 or ddeberry@pennoni.com