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    Water Main Valve Maintenance Scheduled (June 11-22)

    Beginning Monday, June 11, and continuing until Friday, June 22, 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. weekdays, crews from the City of Lynchburg’s Department of Water Resources will conduct water main valve maintenance on the following streets:
    Adele Street
    Arlington Street
    Ashland Place
    Belvedere Street
    Club Drive
    Dellwood Circle
    Downing Drive
    Dulaney Avenue
    Fairway Place
    Katherine Street
    Krise Circle
    L Street
    Landon Street
    Langhorne Road
    Norfolk Avenue
    Oak Lane
    Pleasant Ridge Street
    Rivermont Avenue
    Rivermont Terrace
    Robin Hood Place
    Rowland Drive
    Rugby Road
    Savoy Place
    Sherwood Place
    South Princeton Circle
    Sunset Drive
    Terrell Place
    Vassar Street
    Villa Road
    Wakefield Road
    Warwick Lane
    Waverly Place
    Westmoreland Street
    Woodridge Place 
    Woodside Avenue East

    Customers who experience discolored water during this time should run the cold water for three to five minutes to let the water clear up.  Do not run hot water.  If the water remains discolored longer than five minutes, please contact the Department of Water Resources.

    For more information call the Department of Water Resources at (434) 455-4250.