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    My City Services

    My City Services is a new map based service catalog that provides easy to access information about a variety of City services, property information, demographic data, and much, much, more. Whether you are looking to move to Lynchburg or are already a member of our great community, My City Services is a great tool to help explore the many resources we have to offer. The goal of the application was to bring together the many services and resources that the City of Lynchburg provides into a single, easy to use website that allows a user to find information specific to their location.
    The information can be found by providing an address, interacting with the map, or by using your device's current location. Once the location is provided, the application will search for any information specific to the location and present it in an easy to use interactive menu.The My City Services application is a great way to explore what the City of Lynchburg has to offer for your residence, business location, or potential business location.
    To get started, simply enter in your address below and click the 'Explore in My City Services' button.

    Example: 900 Church St


    If you need help using the application or would like to learn more about the tools available on the website, please view the My City Service help file or contact the GIS Division: gis@lynchburgva.gov or 434-455-3961.