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    Notices of Award

    Solicitation Number Solicitation Name Awarded Vendor Procurement Contact
    13-830 Sprinkler Services for City of Lynchburg Buildings Lynchburg Fire Equipment DJP

    Alarm & Access Control for City of Lynchburg Buildings

    Bid Tab

    Templeton-Vest DJP

    Underground Facilities Locating & Marking Services

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    High Tech Locating, Inc. DJP
    14-873 Custodial Services for the City of Lynchburg Public Library M & R Services Incororated DJP
    14-891 Pre-Qualification of Water Resources Engineering Design Firms Multiple SBS
    14-896 Heritage High School Barton Mallow Company SBS
    14-899 Roof Replacement for Four (4) Lynchburg City Schools
    Bid Tabulation
    AAR of NC
    Mountain Roofing
    Woodall & Lang
    Puff Inc.
    14-919 33,000# GVWR Cab & Chassis, Utility Body, Air Compressor and Liftgate
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    Powell's Truck & Equipment, Inc. FHR
    14-910 Fairview Community Center Fencing Replacement

    Bid Tabulation

    Garber-Lowe Fence DJP
    15-927 Automotive Oil Change/Lubrication/Safety Check Services Jiffy Lube Inc FHR
    15-930 Lynchburg City Schools Administration Building Reroof Project Roofing Solutions Incorporated DJP
    14-871 Rebid Taylor Street Water Quality Plan Improvements Pearson Construction Incorporated DJP
    15-936 Roof Replacement at Point of Honor, The Lynchburg Museum System The Century Slate Company DJP
    15-938 Leaf Collection Equipment
    Bid Tabulation
    (ODB) Old Dominion Brush Company, Inc. FHR
    15-939 7-Passenger Mini Van and    12-Passenger Vans
    Bid Tabulation
    Dominion of Bedford Highview Motors Inc
    15-957 Four Wheel Drive Tractor/100 HP Backhoe-Loader


    Carter Machinery Co. Inc. FHR
    15-949 Automobile/Truck Body Repair Services Maaco Collision Repairs FHR
    15-959 Municipal Paving Contract - 2015 Spring
    Adams Construction Co. FHR
    15-955 E C Glass Roof Replacement AAR of North Carolina DJP
    15-961 GLTC Operations & Maintenance Facility MB Contractors SBS
    2015-966 Landscaping & Mowing Services for Various Department of Water Resources Locations


    Valley Landscaping, Inc. DJP
    15-965 2015 Municipal Construction Contract Section I: Boxley Asphalt

    Section II: J. L. Crawford & Sons

    15-958 Construction Management Services for City Football Stadium Jamerson-Lewis Construction SBS
    2015-968 Dunbar Middle School Roof Replacement W A Lynch Roofing Co. DJP
    15-962 Federal Government Relations Alcalde & Fay SBS
    15-948 Wastewater Treatment Plant Combined Sewer Overflow Reduction Improvements Greeley and Hansen SBS
    2015-975 E C Glass Roof Phase 3 AAR of North Carolina DJP
    2015-977 Yard/Wood Waste Grinding Services

    Bid Tabulations

    Royal Oak Farm, LLC FHR
    Mounted 9 Foot Dump Body, Central Hydraulic System, Chemical Spreader, 9 Foot Snow Plow
    No Award FHR
    2015-976 Turnkey Parts Operation - Fleet (Parts Procurement & Parts Room Management) Sonny Merryman, Inc  FHR
    2015-979 Rebid Mounted 9 Foot Dump Body, Central Hydraulic System, Chemical Spreader, 9 Foot  PlowSnow


    Wilbar Truck Equipment, Inc FHR
    2015-973 HVAC Maintenance for City of Lynchburg Buildings

    Bid Tab

    Riddleberger Brothers Inc. and Moore's Electrical & Mechanical DJP
    2015-978 Interior Renovations and Generator Upgrades to Miller Park Fire Station #6

    Final Bid Tabulation

    Robertson Construction LKM
    15-951 Pre Qualified Day Treatment On Site Services for LCS Anderson Counseling Services
    Dominion Day Services
    Horizon Behavioral Health
    Intercept Youth Services, Inc.
    Jubilee Behavioral Health Services
    National Counseling Group, Inc.
    Strategic Therapy Associates
    Bid Tabulations
    Adams Construction Co. FHR
    2016-006 Leaf Hauling & Disposal Services Royal Oak Farm, LLC FHR
    2016-012 Riverside Park Parking Lot Renovations Coleman-Adams Construction SBS
    2016-010 Community Market Lighting Upgrades


    Unlimited Electrical Contracting, Inc. LKM
    2016-009 Educational Interpreters for Lynchburg City Schools The Language Group, LLC LKM
    14-881 All Bids Rejected- Intersection Safety Improvements at Memorial, Park Avenue and Lakeside Drive All Bids Rejected LKM
    2016-15 Municipal Guardrail Contract
    Bid Tab
    Selco Construction DJP
    2016-14 Municipal Sidewalk Contract
    Bid Tab
    Counts & Dobyns DJP
    2016-019 Bark Blower for Applying Mulch James River Equipment Virginia, LLC FHR
    2016-021 2016 Chevrolet Tahoes R K Chevrolet FHR
    2016-026 Former Allen Morrison Site-South Side-Soil Remediation


    W.E. L. Inc. LKM
    2016-027 Tinbridge Hill Streetscape Improvements Coleman-Adams Construction SBS
    2016-023 33000 # Cab & Chassis/14 Foot Steel Dump Body
    Bid Tabulations
    Powell's Truck & Equipment FHR
    Liberty Mountain Drive Extension at the Northern Intramural Fields


    Counts and Dobyns, Inc. LKM
    2016-029 Sludge Hauling Watertight         Aluminum Trailers           
    80,000 # GVWR


    Virginia Truck Center FHR
    2016-030 Tank Wagon Loads -Petroleum Products
    Watts Petroleum Corporation FHR
    2016-007 A/E Services LRWWTP Operations Building Renovations Wiley Wilson LKM
    16-011 Public Involvement and Outreach Services for the Central Business District Utility and Streetscape Improvements Cella Molnar SBS
    16-008 Construction Management Services for the Central Business District Utility and Streetscape Improvements English Construction SBS
    2016-028 Lynchburg Police Department Interview Room Renovations


    CS Custom Structures, Inc. LKM
      Sole Source - MES-Virginia Municipal Emergency Services FHR


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