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    Parking Pay Stations

    Pay-By-Space Midtown, Clay St., Lot E (Crossroads Lot)

    1. Remember space number
    2. Press the Start Button
    3. Press "1" for parking
    4. Enter space number
    5. Insert coin or credit card to make payment
    6. If using a credit card select time using +/- keys
    7. Press Print

    Pay-And-Display Lot S (City Center Deck)

    1. Pay at pay station
    2. Take your printed receipt and lay face up on dashboard 

    If you need assistance, please contact the Parking Management Office at (434) 455-4045.

    Pay with Tokens

    Businesses can buy tokens from the Parking Management Office located on the ground level of  City Hall. Tokens cost $0.60 per token. One token will give you an hour and forty-five minutes in the Mid-Town Parking Deck (top level), Clay Street Parking Deck (middle level) and Lot E. Please contact us to purchase tokens or if you need more information. The meter in Lot S does not accept tokens.

    Questions may be directed to the Parking Management Department by calling (434) 455-4045 or by sending an email to  

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