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    The City of Lynchburg has a wonderful park system for residents and visitors to explore and enjoy. Our 850 acres of parkland include parks that range in size from less than an acre to almost 300 acres. Our parks are diverse and offer activities from wildlife and plant observation to more active pursuits such as fishing, hiking, biking, tennis, basketball and other recreational opportunities.

    Please click on each park and natural area link below to get more information about each site, including amenities, location, and hours.

    There are many ways in which you can enjoy our parks. Perhaps the best way to ensure a healthy park is to use it every day. Promoting strong minds and bodies also strengthens the vitality of the landscape. Plant the seeds for a healthy future by making a visit to our parks part of your family's everyday activities!

    Other comments or suggestions may be sent directly to the Lynchburg Department of  Parks and Recreation at (434) 455-5858 or you can email Andrew Reeder, the Park Services Manager.

    Park Rules 

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