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    Percival's Island Trail

    Percival's Island Trail bisects one of the most popular recreational areas in Lynchburg. Located downtown, the paved, multi-use trail begins at the entrance to Percival's Island, at the large, red LOVE sculpture, where visitors can often be seen posing for photographs. Ample parking is available for visitors in the parking lot along Jefferson Street. The trail provides a great way for cyclists, walkers, runners, to enjoy the sights and sounds of the James River as it travels through downtown Lynchburg.

    The heavily wooded island was once a busy industrial area, including a train yard, but there are few signs of its previous uses now. Visitors enjoy the shade and river breezes from the water, and early morning and evening visitors will likely spot a variety of wildlife along the trail. The trail extends to Amherst County, and visitors can continue along that section of the James River Heritage trail before returning back to Lynchburg across the James.  

    James River Heritage Trail Map

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