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    Post Dispositional Program

    Located within the LRJDC is also the Post-Dispositional Program. The mission of the Post-D program is to provide a local treatment program that offers educational and individualized services which promote the rehabilitation of juvenile offenders through facility and community based programs.  Post-D youth are sentenced to serve 180 days for committing non-violent juvenile offenses.  While in the program they can earn the opportunity to have home visits, do community service and on special circumstance obtain employment.  One of the projects of the Post-D program is the on-site garden/greenhouse. The Post-D youth work in the garden/greenhouse on a weekly basis and produce delicious vegetables and beautiful plants that are for sale. One of the Post-D annual events is the car wash that takes place in mid-May.

    For more information on the Post-D program, please contact Pamela Jeffries at 434-455-7889 or email

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