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    A staff of nine full-time professionals perform all functions of the Lynchburg City Assessor's Office.

    Position Title Employee Name
    City Assessor Jeff Bandy
    Administrative Support Manager Lori Nuckles
    GIS Systems Analyst Steven Boyer
    Real Estate Appraisers

    Lonne Bailey
    Zac Lee
    Mark Thomason
    Stephanie Whitted

    Real Estate Technicians

    Penny Campbell
    Ashley Schemeley

    The Office staff operate as outlined by City and State law in accordance with the Code of Ethics of both the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) and the Virginia Association of Assessing Officers (VAAO).

    A non-profit organization, promotes innovation and excellence in property appraisal and property tax policy and administration through professional development, education, research and technical assistance.  As members, employees in the Lynchburg City Assessor's office comply with the IAAO Code of Ethics.



    A non-profit organization, strives to (1) improve the standards of assessment practice; (2) educate those engaged in assessment practice; (3) educate the general public in matters relating to assessment practices; (4) collect and disseminate useful information relating to assessment practices; (5) cooperate with other public and private agencies interested in improving assessment administration; and (6) promote the cause of justice and equity in the distribution of the property tax burden.


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