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    Staff Directory


    Name Division Title Phone Number Email Address
    Kent White   Director 434-455-3919 kent.white@lynchburgva.gov
    Melva Walker Grants Administration Grants Manager 434-455-3916 melva.walker@lynchburgva.gov
    Starlette Early Grants Administration Community Development Program Coordinator 434-455-3913 starlette.early@lynchburgva.gov
    Douglas Saunders Inspections Building Official 434-455-3925 doug.saunders@lynchburgva.gov
    Denise Donigan Inspections Code Administrator 434-455-3897 denise.donigan@lynchburgva.gov
    Sharon Lewis Inspections Permit Technician 434-455-3898 sharon.lewis@lynchburgva.gov
    Mike McKinney Inspections Building Plans Reviewer 434-455-3912 mike.mckinney@lynchburgva.gov
    Chris Bergquist Inspections -
    New Construction
    Code Inspector


    Ed Edens Inspections -
    New Construction
    Code Inspector
    434-455-3924 ed.edens@lynchburgva.gov
    Chuck Torbert Inspections -
    New Construction
    Construction Code Inspector 434-455-3907 chuck.torbert@lynchburgva.gov    
    D. W. Craig Inspections -
    Property Maintenance
    Property Maintenance Official 434-455-3896 wayne.craig@lynchburgva.gov
    Numan Franklin Inspections -
    Property Maintenance
    Housing Code Inspector 434-455-3931 numan.franklin@lynchburgva.gov
    Dana Horne Inspections -
    Property Maintenance
    Housing Code Inspector and Rental Program Administrator 434-455-3922 dana.horne@lynchburgva.gov
    Vacant Position Inspections -
    Property Maintenance
    Housing Code Inspector 434-455-3910  
    Keith Wright Neighborhood Services Neighborhood Services Manager 434-455-3921 keith.wright@lynchburgva.gov
    Tom Martin Planning City Planner , Secretary to the Design Review Board, Historic Preservation Commission and Planning Commission 434-455-3909 tom.martin@lynchburgva.gov
    Robin Craig Planning Planning Technician 434-455-3917 robin.craig@lynchburgva.gov
    Vacant Position Planning Planner  434-455-3900  
    Anne Leslie Nygaard Planning Planner II 434-455-3893 anne.nygaard@lynchburgva.gov
    Kevin Henry Zoning & Natural Resources Zoning Administrator 434-455-3915 kevin.henry@lynchburgva.gov
    Justin Stauder Zoning & Natural Resources Environmental Compliance Inspector 434-455-3892 justin.stauder@lynchburgva.gov
    Dianne Hodges   Financial Coordinator 434-455-3937 dianne.hodges@lynchburgva.gov


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