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    For Teachers

    Students throughout Central Virginia are encouraged to visit the Lynchburg Museum at the Old Court House and Point of Honor for a unique Standards of Learning hands-on educational experience!

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    Lynchburg Museum Activities ~

    Scavenger Hunt of Lynchburg History
    Mason's Marks & Gargoyles
    Native American Culture
    Analyzing Civil War Documents
    Analyzing WWII Documents

    Experience The James at the Lynchburg Museum ~

    James River Scavenger Hunt
    Highlighting significant artifacts and important historical details of the river.
    Transportation on the James River 
    Construct your own miniature ferry boat and batteau complete with hogshead. Discuss how the James River has been used by the Monacan Indians, Powhatan Indians, and the settlers arriving in 1607 throughout the years as means of transporting people and goods in and out of Central Virginia.

    Water Filtration – How does it work? 
    What makes your drinking water safe and where does your water come from? Using plastic bottles, sand, and rocks and other materials demonstrate how water filtration happens. This activity will be demonstration only for large groups with student participation, but for Summer Camp, Teacher Camp, and smaller student groups this will be hands-on activity. Students will observe and compile observations while watching what happens to dirty water as alum is introduced to clump dirt particles together.

    Create Your Own James River Art 
    After viewing the exhibit art and discussing mediums used by artists to create those works of art, students will create water inspired scenes on paper using pencil, crayons, colored pencils, and ink.

    Point of Honor Activities ~

    Tour Point of Honor
    Tour Reconstructed Hearth Kitchen
    Brick Making
    Candle Making
    Children's Games & Leisure
    Spinning & Weaving
    Quill Pen Writing


    Please Contact For More Information ~

    Whitney S. Roberts, Museum Educator
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