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    Trails Summary and Maps

    Trails are grouped below under their park locations. Some of the trails may continue through a park or natural area, either connecting you with another park or ending at a neighborhood access point. Many neighborhood entrances do not provide parking areas; however, there are many entrances that have space for vehicles. 
    Enjoy the natural resources of our trail system by following these simple rules:

    • Trails are open from sunrise to sunset only.
    • The collection of plant, animal, mineral and historic items is prohibited.
    • Motorized vehicles are not allowed.
    • Dogs must be leashed at all times.
    • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

    Entrances are clearly marked with signs that list the entrance names and distances to points along the trail.  Multi-Use trails are suitable for strollers, in-line skaters and walkers of all ages. The Blackwater Creek Bikeway is handicapped accessible. 

    B = Biking
    H = Hiking  
    MU = Multi-Use 
    BH = Biking & Hiking

      Surface Miles Difficulty Use
    Blackwater Creek Natural Area
    Beaver Trail Earthen 1.6 Easy BH
    Blackwater Creek Bikeway Paved 3.0 Very Easy MU
    Creekside Trail Earthen 5.0 Easy BH
    Elmwood Trail Earthen 0.4 Easy BH
    Jefferson Park Trail Earthen 0.5 Moderate BH
    Point of Honor Trail Paved 1.7 Very Easy Mu
    Ruskin Freer Loop Earthen 2.1 Moderate H
    Percival's Island/Riverfront Park
    RiverWalk Paved 2.3 Very Easy MU
    Peaks View Park
    Ivy Creek Greenway Earthen 2.0 Very Easy MU
    Ivy Creek Trail Earthen .05 Moderate MU
    Riverside Park
    Alpine Earthen   Moderate H
    James River Heritage Trail
    Blackwater Creek Bikeway Paved 3.0 Very Easy MU
    Point of Honor Paved 1.7 Very Easy MU
    RiverWalk Paved 2.3 Very Easy MU

    James River Heritage Trail Map

    Blackwater Creek Bikeway and Blackwater Creek Natural Area Trails Map

    Peaks View Park Trails Map

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