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    Transit Company Board of Directors


    Formulates policies and operating procedures for and offers general supervision of a professional transit management company providing bus service.


    Monthly on the First Wednesday – 8:30 a.m.
    Kemper Street Transfer Center
    800 Kemper Street. 


    Christos Carroll
    Bedford County
    Glenn McGrath
    Ward 1
    Antonio M. Davis, Sr.
    Ward 2
    Joel Morgan
    Ward 4
    Mary-Winston Deacon
    Campbell County
    Bonnie Svrcek
    Ward 4
    Christian H. DePaul
    Ward 1
    Margaret (Peggy) Whitaker
    Ward 1
    John S. Hellewell
    Ward 1
    As of 10/23/18

    Liaison:  Natalie Wilkins - 434-455-4010

    GLTC Director: Josh Baker

    October appointment