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    Make a Difference in Lynchburg!

    Share your special gifts, skills, abilities,and talents with your local government.

    How? By joining Volunteer! Lynchburg 

    ... a network of citizens who donate time and energy in a broad range of community services. From coaching and mentoring to neighborhood cleanup campaigns to companionship and advocacy for the elderly and youth, volunteers are making a difference in Lynchburg. Here are just a few areas you can help in:

    AND, if you don't see something with the City of Lynchburg, visit the United Way of Central Virginia's volunteer page (lots of opportunities in our community!

    What is Volunteer! Lynchburg?

    It's a program organized by Lynchburg ’s Citizens First Customer Service Division in response to City Council’s initiative to more actively involve citizens in local government.

    The Mission of Volunteer! Lynchburg

    Lynchburg is to respond to the needs of the Lynchburg community by promoting and facilitating volunteer involvement through the partnership of government, non-profit organizations, business, and individuals for personal and community enrichment.  

    Who Volunteers?

    Anyone who lives and/or works in Lynchburg and wants to make a difference in someone's life and in the overall quality of life in the City. That could be you! City volunteers include people who are: 
    • Self-employed
    • Working flex-time
    • Telecommuting                          
    • Traditional office workers             
    • Professionals
    • Skilled trades people
    • Your friends
    • Your neighbors

    What Does It Take?

    As much or as little time as you have to offer. Volunteer opportunities range from one-time projects and special events to long-term commitments. You can choose from a variety of positions to fit your schedule and interests. Whether you have a few hours a year, month or week to contribute, we need your help. Some volunteer opportunities are listed on the left side of this page.

    Who Benefits?

    Every life you touch will benefit from the time, energy, interest, and friendship you share in the programs and activities of Volunteer! Lynchburg. And you, in turn, will benefit by:
    • Making new friends   
    • Developing new skills 
    • Sharing new ideas and experiences 
    • Becoming a more active member of the community  
    • How to Contact Volunteer! Lynchburg
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