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    Winter Weather INFO

    Please check back often for all of the latest snow/winter weather updates regarding City of Lynchburg services, cancelations, etc. 


    12/10/18, 13:30 PM: Lynchburg Public Works are still conducting snow removal operations. Crews began working on residential streets last night but had to return to primary streets because temperatures had dropped and became icy. Crews are expected to return to residential streets by 1:00 p.m. We ask for the public’s patience as crews continue working. Residents who normally receive Monday trash collection will have their trash collected on Friday.

    12/10/18: The Lynchburg Public Library and Branch Library are CLOSED today.

    City Offices to Close on Monday, December 10

    12/9/18, 7:00 PM: Due to the weather and the conditions of the streets, City Manager Bonnie Svrcek has made the decision to close all City Offices on Monday,December 10, with the exception of those involved in snow removal, public safety or 24-hour services.

    “Our Public Works crews have been working hard since early morning to plow the streets but the amount of snow  coupled with cold temperatures has made driving treacherous. The morning commute will be difficult as well. We encourage motorists to stay off the roads if at all possible and we are telling our employees to do the same.”

    12/9/18, 5:30 PM: The Old Court House Museum and Point of Honor will be CLOSED on Monday, December 10 due to the inclement weather.

    12/9/18, 2:50 PM: 
    • According to Lynchburg Public Works, street conditions are poor. Crews are continuing plowing operations and will do so throughout the night into tomorrow. As the snow continues to fall coupled with low temperatures, plowing operations will become more difficult. Due to current conditions, it is doubtful the crews will be able to begin plowing operations on residential streets tonight. 
    • Motorists are encouraged to stay home and not travel if possible. Lynchburg Emergency Services have reported over 18 accidents so far today.
    • Refuse collection scheduled for Monday has been suspended and will be collected on Friday, December 14.
    • Leaf collection has been suspended until further notice.

    12/9/18, 11:12 AM: CLOSED TODAY: Old Courthouse Museum and Point of Honor

    12/9/18, 8:30 AM: Lynchburg Public Works crew have been out since 5:00 a.m. this morning salting all primary and secondary roads. Crew will begin plowing these same roads once the snow gets to two inches. Depending on the amount of snow the City receives and the condition of the primary and secondary streets later this evening, the second shift will attempt to begin plowing residential streets. Residents are encouraged not to travel today if possible. Although primary and secondary streets were pretreated before the snow began, roads may still be hazardous. The City ask for patience  as they continue to work around the clock to clear streets.

    Street Clearing Priorities During Snow Events

    • Priority 1:  Clearing of all primary streets and heaviest traffic routes
    • Priority 2:  Clearing of all collector streets and bus routes
    • Priority 3:  Plowing of all residential streets if more than two inches of snow exists
    • Then City crews work around the clock to handle slick spots and other street problems. Chemicals and abrasives are used only on main routes and bridges as needed.

    SNOW & ICE REMOVAL HOTLINE (during weather events): (434) 455-4450

    To receive up-to-date information, citizens are encouraged to sign up for Lynchburg Alerts (select Community Notifications, then General News Releases—you can also select Automated Weather Alerts for National Weather Alert notifications) at www.lynchburgalerts.com.