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    Workforce Development - P2P

    Question 1: When you hear the phrase “Poverty to Progress,” what comes to mind? What are the tools you think people need to move out of and stay out of poverty here in the city?

    • Working poor = willing and able
    • More than min. wage
    • Skill-set for a specific profession
    •  Proper benefits
    • Second chance (people with criminal charges)
    • Affordable child care
    • Access to solid/ reliable transportation
    • Flexibility on rules and policies for new hires
    • Attitude
    • Culture of understanding
    • Leadership- understand, sees value
    • Training and coaching in a respectful way
    • Resume & interview training
    • Early childhood education
    • Hiring bias (quick to judge)
    • Cultivate entrepreneurial tools myth
    • Heighted appreciation of entrepreneurs creating jobs
    • Establish a mentor network throughout the community
    • Long-term navigation
    • Culture of responsibility
    • Match need to resource

    Question 2: What are some of the challenges related to this barrier that you think make it difficult for people to become economically secure?

    • Financial literacy
    • Lack of understanding your own aptitude
    • Lack of banking knowledge and skills needed to budget
    • Criminal offenses
    • Company policies

    Question 3: We know that just throwing money at a problem rarely solves it. What concrete, actionable steps (as it relates to this barrier) would you like to see taken to create pathways out of poverty in the city?

    • Employer commitments to hire, identify, and assess job openings; Ex. Centra CNA program, nursing program
    • Ask the community
    • Be consistent and admirable
    • Company incentives
    • Look at doors out and in to poverty
    • Create space/ system to connect organizations and agencies that are already focused on workforce
    • Building relationship resources into empowerment
    • Connections inside the neighborhood
    • Individualized mentorship
    • Task force to cultivate and recruit jobs in entrepreneurial businesses
    •  Process for each individual family identified
    • Comprehensive list of resources Ex. 211
    • Communication and collaboration through an information platform

    Question 4: What does success look like here? Should it be based on changing overall rates of poverty? Creating new opportunities rather than focusing on concrete numbers? Etc.

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