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    World Book Night 2014


    UPDATE: All Book Givers should have received a confirmation email from World Book Night with the title they will be giving away on April 23. If you need help finding a location to be at, please contact Stephanie Johnston by April 11. 

    Every year on April 23, thousand of people appear on the streets, at shelters, non-profit organizations, subway stations and bus stops with free books to give away. The World Book Night organization is a non-profit dedicated to spreading the love of reading by asking people to help them share their favorite books with strangers. They select a variety of popular titles that volunteers can choose from to give away. Each volunteer, or Book Giver, will get 20 copies of their selected titled to give away in a location of their choice.

    This year, the Lynchburg Public Library will be a distribution center for World Book Night. We need your help in giving away books. The process is simple. Go to to view the available titles and pick out your three favorite. Think about where you would like to give the books away. You don't have to have an exact location arranged yet, but you will need to describe the place that you'd like to be at on April 23. (If you are a non-profit organization that would like to have a Book Giver at your location, please contact Stephanie Johnston.) Next, fill out the Book Giver application form and wait. In March, someone from World Book Night will contact you with which of your three favorite titles you'll be giving away. 

    If we get at least five Book Givers, we will throw an appreciation party for you the week before April 23. 



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