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    Zoning & Natural Resources

    Telephone:  (434) 455-3900
    FAX:  (434) 845-7630

    The Zoning and Natural Resources Division is tasked with the provision of services and enforcement of matters related to the City Code.

    Zoning Ordinance

    The Zoning Ordinance regulates matters pertaining to uses permitted in specific zoning districts including: setbacks/yard regulations of principal and accessory structures (including residential and commercial uses), home occupations, livestock and poultry and sign regulations to name a few.

    The Zoning Ordinance does not regulate matters such as private deed restrictions, noise and other complaints similar in nature. Private matters are civil matters that must be handled with a private attorney.

    Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance

    As a regional urban hub, the City of Lynchburg will focus and strive to attract new developments. In the process, the City of Lynchburg aims to conserve land, water, air and other natural resources, while also maximizing the quality of those resources.  The City's Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance is one of the regulatory tools that has been adopted to protect the City's natural resources during the development process.

    Commonly Used Zoning and Natural Resources Documents

    Robert S. Fowler | Zoning Administrator

    Justin Stauder | Environmental Compliance Inspector

    Starlette Early | Community Development Program Coordinator

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