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    Fifth Street Corridor Master Plan

    The Fifth Street Corridor Master Plan was  adopted by City Council on May 23, 2006. The plan establishes the vision for a rehabilitated and revitalized corridor that serves the needs of the surrounding neighborhoods.  The City has committed Community Development Block Grant, Capital Improvement Program and Water and Sewer funds to improve the underground utilities and streetscape over three phases.  Phase I was completed in September 2009 and included the construction of water and sewer lines in addition to a modern urban roundabout and complimentary streetscape between Jackson and Harrison Streets.  Phase II is currently under construction and extends from Harrison Street to Main Street with an anticipated completion of August 2013.  Phase III will extend streetscape and utility improvements south between Jackson and Taylor Streets.  Phase III construction is anticipated to start in the Spring of 2014. 

    The Fifth Street Corridor is seeing considerable private development interest as a result of the streetscape improvements.  The Red Shoe Dance Academy located at 409 Fifth Street opened in the renovated Moser Furniture building in 2012.  The former Fisher Auto Parts building located at 400-406 Fifth Street and the former Coiner Auto Parts building at 500 Fifth Street are currently under renovation.  702-709 Fifth Street are also currently under renovation and the Lynchburg Housing and Redevelopment Authority is working with private entities to develop 701-709 Fifth Street.  Word Works Literacy Centre located at 801 Fifth Street in late 2012.

    Fifth Street Corridor Master Plan

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