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    Hollins Mill Park

    9.63 acres
    521 Hollins Mill Road
    Lynchburg, VA 24503

    This popular park provides large shade trees, a lush open field, fishing access, and wonderful views of Blackwater Creek and historic Hollins Mill Dam. Picnic tables and grills are handicapped accessible. Visitors can enjoy the old stonework of the dam as the water surges over the edge. 

    The park includes trail connections to the Blackwater Creek Bikeway, including the Point of Honor Trail section. 

    Early History
    Prior to 1863, the property comprising Hollins Mill Park was owned by William Hollins, who operated a water-powered mill known as Blackwater Mills.  During the Civil War, Hollins sold the property; it subsequently became known as Hollins Mill.  Hollins College in Roanoke was named for the Hollins family who were early benefactors of the school.

    Around 1900, the building that stood on the site became Taylor Wagon Works, one of the largest and oldest wagon manufacturers in the country.  Later housing a mattress manufacturer, the mill building burned to the ground in 1912.  In 1914 the Smith family purchased the property and it remained in their hands until the City of Lynchburg purchased it to be used as a park.

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