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    LYH Public Hearing Notice - FBO Facility-Use Options - October 27, 2014

    Short Environmental Assessment form for A Replacement Air Traffic Control Tower at LYH

    Notice:  LYH ATCT Final EA and FONSI

    General Aviation Community Forum - Monday, August 11, 2014  Note: Location of Forum changed to City of Lynchburg IT Conference Center, 3550 Young Place, Lynchburg, VA

    Map showing location of GA Community Forum - Monday August 11, 2014

    LYH Regional Airport Mininum Standards for Aeronautical Services or Activities

     Public Notice - Special Meeting of the Lynchburg Regional Airport Commission May 19, 2014

    LYH Emergency Contingency Plan

    FAA Restores Tower Funding
    On May 10, 2013 the FAA announced that it would restore funding through the end of the Government's fiscal year for the 149 contract FAA towers that had been slated to close on June 15.  The fiscal year ends September 30, 2013.  Although LYH's tower was among those to slated to close on June 15, LYH airport staff had put in place a plan to utilize state entitlement funds to keep the tower operational until a permanent solution can be arranged.

    Following the May 5, 2013 closing of its air traffic control tower by the FAA due to government sequestration, the Lynchburg Regional Airport (LYH) will remain open and all airline flights will continue to operate normally. Furthermore, all commercial flights to/from LYH will continue to be provided with positive radar control through the radar facility located on Candler's Mountain as directed by air traffic controllers at the Roanoke Air Traffic Control Tower.  In addition, alternate FAA procedures government aircraft movement in the vicinity of LYH will be utilized in accordance with established FAA aeronautical rules and regulations.

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