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    Certified Backflow Testers

    Testing Company Phone #
    Riddleberger Bros. 540-434-1731
    Roto Rooter 434-525-2315
    Southern Landscape Group, Inc. 434-821-6004
    Wade In Cross Connection 540-236-2620
    K. Petrie Landscaping 434-283-8003
    Layman's Contracting, Inc. 540-334-5395
    Central Virginia Irrigation & Landscaping 434-444-3432
    S. J. Conner & Sons, Inc. 540-344-8383
    Magic City Sprinkler 540-345-9818
    Automatic Lawn Sprinkler Co., Inc. 434-385-6456
    RSG Landscaping & Lawn Care, Inc. 434-993-2753
    Hiller Systems, Inc. 757-549-9123
    The Service Company of Virginia 800-941-4612
    Central Virginia Plumbing and Improvement Co. 434-609-1122
    A Crystal Pure Water  434-841-3112
    Fire & Safety Equipment Company, Inc. 434-993-2425
    Comfort Systems USA - Mid-Atlantic 434-572-6986
    Comfort Systems USA - Roanoke 540-989-5699
    Fire Sprinkler Ltd. 434-821-4222
    Commonwealth Mechanical Services, Inc. 540-890-3434
    Mallard Irrigation, LLC 434-525-0511
    Roanoke Sprinkler, Inc. 540-981-0009
    Eagle Fire, Inc. 804-743-2500
    Simplex Grinnell LP 540-389-7276
    Varney, Inc. 540-343-8580
    Savage, LLC 434-546-6719
    Cross Connection Services 540-400-6080
    Industrial Heating Company 434-846-3216
    Moore's Electrical & Mechanical 434-369-4374
    Southern Air, Inc. 434-385-6200
    VSC Fire and Security 540-765-1300
    Fire and Life Safety America (FLSA) 540-378-6160
    Peaksview Plumbing 434-851-5732
    Pro-Tec Fire Solutions 888-709-3842

     ** Note to Customers ** 

    The following is a list of certified testers and/or the companies who employ them. The listed testers/companies have provided the City of Lynchburg with the appropriate paperwork from a backflow instructor/school stating they are certified to perform tests on backflow assemblies. The “Tester List” provided by the City of Lynchburg is merely a reference list. The City of Lynchburg is not responsible for the following items performed by a certified tester/company: (including but not limited to) tests performed in the allotted time given by the City, agreement with the tester/company to deliver the appropriate paperwork in the allotted time, and/or cost to the customer. If a customer feels that a tester/company has acted in an unprofessional or unethical manner and/or has any other concerns, a complaint can be filed with the City's Compliance Specialist at  434-455-4261.

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