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    Community Development Advisory Committee


    Serves as a primary mechanism for facilitating citizen participation throughout all stages of the federal government consolidated planning, implementation and evaluation process and makes recommendations to the City Council regarding plans and projects for the Community Development Block Grant and HOME programs.


    Meets on an as-necessary schedule


    Mr. Michael Bedsworth
    Daniel’s Hill - Ward 2
    Mr. Ceasor T. Johnson
    Council representative
    Ms. Pamela Brown
    Ward 2
    Mr. Jeffery W. Schneider
    Diamond Hill - Ward 2
    Mr. Jeff S. Helgeson
    Council representative
    Ms. Jimmie Stevens
    Ward 2
    Ms. Michelle Jackson
    Ward 2
    As of 12/09/2014
    Liaison - Melva Walker: 434-455-3916

    Membership:  7 members (5 shall be residents of predominately low and moderate income neighborhoods, and/or other slum and blighted areas of the City.  No more than one representative from a single neighborhood shall be allowed to serve at a time. 2 members shall be representatives from a single neighborhood shall be allowed to serve at a time.  These persons may or may not be current members of neighborhood organizations.  2 members shall be current members of the Lynchburg City Council.


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