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    Design Review Board


    Reviews/reports to Council regarding all planned unit developments, cluster commercial developments, and state- and federally-assisted housing proposals.


    Meets on an as-necessary schedule


    Planning Commission Chair   
    Mr. Gerard E. Swienton (Chair)
    Ward 3
    Historic Preservation Commission Chair
    Mr. Neil W. Bohnert
    Owner/Resident - Ward 2
    Physical Design Professional
    Mr. Thomas L. Fitzgerald, P.E.
    Civil Engineer - Ward 4
    Mrs. Holly H. Frazier
    Ward 4
    As of 12/9/14

    Liaison - Tom Martin: 434-455-3909

    Department Director: Kent White, Community Development

    Membership:  4 members (Chair of the Planning Commission; Chair of the Historic & Architectural Review Board; and 2 Physical Design Professionals (i.e., architect, engineer, landscape architect, urban design/planning professional or others with demonstrated physical and aesthetic design capability). 

    December appointment

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