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    Get a Library Card

    A new applicant must present a valid photo ID and proof of current address.  If the photo ID does not have the current address, the following are acceptable for verification:

    • Bank Statement
    • Car registration
    • Checkbook
    • Postmarked mail addressed to applicant (Occupant or Resident is not acceptable)
    • Rental agreement
    • Utility bill
    • Voter registration card

    A parent or legal guardian must sign for children under the age of twelve.
    A child may apply for a card when he/she is old enough to print first and last name, usually around the age of five.
    Cards are renewable on an annual basis.  At renewal, contact information is verified and any outstanding charges must be paid.

    To download and print an application for a library card, click here.

    Rev. 07/09/14

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