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    ParcelViewer is the City of Lynchburg's one stop shop for anything GIS related. It provides a single source for users to access a wide variety of data from various City systems. The ParcelViewer is made possible through a collaboration of the many GIS professionals that represent departments throughout the City.  

    The ParcelViewer is a great tool for citizens, professionals, students, and even future residents. With its comprehensive search capabilities, extensive assessment information, and powerful mapping tools, the ParcelViewer is uniquely functional and intuitive. Whether you are searching for a property, looking up zoning information, or taking a look back in time through our catalog of aerial imagery, the ParcelViewer is the tool for you.

    If you don't believe us, check out what other people are saying!

    I just want to say that the website you designed for the City of Lynchburg is, by far, the best website I visit during the course of my day to obtain property information for prospective clients that I quote ho­meowner insurance for. I only wish you handled the website for all the other localities in the region. None come any where NEAR in comparison to the ease in which information can be found or the amount of information available. GREAT job! Rarely do I take the time to e-mail webmasters, but you deserve a big hand, and a bigger thank you from all of us out here in cyberspace who benefit from your work! Have a good weekend!    


    Just wanted to say a big thanks for providing such a great GIS system to Lynchburg residents. As a real estate professional in the area, it is literally invaluable to me, and I use it every day. I have used these for many different towns and municipalities across Virginia, and have not seen another one that's half as good anywhere. I can't tell you how many hours this has saved me at the courthouse. Also, please let the mayor or whoever is responsible for GIS funding know how appreciated this system and those who run it are. Keep up the good work!"

    The city has done a great job getting information out there. It’s really fabulous. You can add layer after layer of information. It’s just been really helpful. It’s a fabulous tool.
    –Lynn Shapiro–
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