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    Special Events

    Lynchburg is a great place to enjoy many diverse private, cultural and civic events. Throughout the year dozens of large and small events are conducted on City streets, public property, parks and public facilities. Events can be as intimate as a family reunion or birthday party, or as large as the Virginia Ten-Miler! The City has many different facilities and locations, and one of them is sure to be the right choice for your event.

    The City of Lynchburg grants different permits for different kinds of events, including Simple Use, Expanded Use, and Special Event Permits. The process provides citizens and event organizers a single point of contact to make coordinating City services (if needed) as simple as possible. Follow the steps below to make sure you have the permit you need.

    • The first step is to call our Customer Service representative at (434) 455-5858 to discuss your event, and check on availability.
    • Second, if you require a Simple Use or Expanded Use Permit, read and complete our Facility, Park Use and Special Event Questionnaire. The questionnaire will tell you what kind of event permit you need. Please note that reservations are not completed until all paperwork is completed and all fees are paid. Mail or delivery a hard copy of your completed application, with attached questionnaire and any applicable fees to Parks and Recreation, 301 Grove Street, Lynchburg, VA 24501. 
    • Simple Use Permit
    • Expanded Use Permit
    Special Events
    Special Events are large events held on City property which require additional City services and coordination between departments to meet safety and security standards established by City Council. If you and City staff have determined that you will need a Special Event Permit, please read the City of Lynchburg's Special Events Policy* and email Sharon Brown at, or call her at 434.455.5871 before filling out a permit. If you require a Special Event Permit, please remember that new event permits must be completed 90 days in advance, and recurring event permits must be completed 60 days in advance.

    * Please note that the Special Events Grant program on page 12 of the Special Events Policy is no longer funded.

    Visit our Banner Rental page if you want to hang a banner to promote an event! 

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