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    What You Should Know About Weeds

    It is against the law to have grass or weeds over twelve (12) inches high on your property. (This ordinance does not apply to trees or undisturbed woodlands.) After a ten (10)-day period, the City can cut your grass/weeds and send you the bill. Please remember to maintain your lawns and fields.

    What is considered a weed?

    Definition:  Weeds shall include any plant, grass or other vegetation (Herbaceous or woody) over twelve (12) inches in height, excluding trees, ornamental shrubbery, vegetable and flower gardens purposefully planted and maintained by the property owner or occupant free of weed hazard or nuisance, cultivated crops or undisturbed woodland and not otherwise in violation.

    For more information, contact the Neighborhood Services Division at (434) 455-3900.

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