Victim / Witness

The Victim/Witness Program offers assistance to anyone who has been victimized by or has witnessed a crime. This program provides a variety of services to crime victims, witnesses and their families, including case information, court orientation and preparation, referrals to community agencies, and assistance with applying for financial compensation. Serving the citizens of Lynchburg since 1978, the Victim/Witness Program is staffed by a full-time director and five assistants. The program goals are:

  • Keeping victims informed throughout the criminal justice process
  • Providing emotional support
  • Informing victims of their rights and eligibility regarding compensation for personal injuries, counseling, or restitution
  • Informing and coordinating needed community resources and services

As a vital program within the Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney, the Victim/Witness Program enhances the attorneys ability to prosecute crime and seek justice for victims.

View our video to familiarize yourself with our Victim/Witness program.

Crime Victim & Witness Rights

As a victim or witness of crime, you have certain rights under Virginia's Crime Victim and Witness Rights Act. As a victim of a crime, you may be entitled to:

Information about:

  • Your rights as a victim/witness of a crime
  • The criminal justice process and your role as a victim/witness
  • Protective orders and other forms of protection
  • How to obtain a warrant if one has not been issued
  • Financial assistance, including the Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund and restitution
  • Address and telephone confidentiality
  • Availability of separate waiting areas during court proceedings

Notification of:

  • Changes in court dates
  • Significant developments in a case such as possible plea offers
  • Defendant's custody status and bond conditions if released from jail
  • Opportunity to prepare a written Victim Impact Statement prior to sentencing of a defendant

Assistance with:

  • Obtaining a protective order and other forms of protection
  • Filling out forms for the Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund
  • Referrals to local community resources
  • Understanding a defendant's bond conditions
  • Receiving intercession services with your employer
  • Receiving the services of an interpreter
  • Non-receipt of restitution payments that were ordered by the Court or if you are interested in receiving court-ordered restitution (Call our office for further information: 434-455-3790 )

Threatening a victim or a witness is a crime in Virginia. If you are threatened by the defendant or anyone else in regard to your testimony, call your local police department immediately and notify the Victim/Witness Program at 434-455-3790.

Evaluate Our Services

If you have been provided with assistance by our office as a Victim Witness, we would appreciate your help by taking a few minutes to evaluate our services. All responses remain confidential.