About Your Bill


Monthly billings for water/sewer fees include water usage based on the number of HCF (hundred cubic feet) units of water that go through the meter between readings. An HCF unit is equal to 748 gallons of water. Sewer usage is based on the amount of metered water usage and is set at a one-to-one ratio. If applicable, penalty charges are calculated.

Seasonal Sewer Cap for single-family residential customers is reflected on the bill during the months of April through September. Many Lynchburg residents use water to water lawns, fill swimming pools, wash carts, etc. Water used in this manner does not enter the sewer system. Therefore, it does not have to be treated. From May through October, the residential utility water bills charge for sewer usage using the "sewer cap" calculation, which is based upon average consumption during the billing months of November through April.


Current Water and Sewer RatesEffective July 1, 2023
Water (volume charge/hcf)$2.93
Sewer (volume charge/hcf)$8.10

Note: HCF, or unit, is equivalent to 100 cubic feet or 748 gallons. 

Meter SizeMonthly Service Charge
5/8 inch$7.69
3/4 inch$9.69
1 inch$13.69
1-1/2 inch$23.69
2 inch$35.69
3 inch$63.69
4 inch$123.69
6 inch$243.69
8 inch$363.69
10 inch$603.69

Sample Bill

Sample Bill Example
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E-billing offers citizens and businesses the ease to view bills and make payments online, including viewing account transactions and payment history.

Take advantage of the convenience E-billing has to offer by registering online.


Your water account will be billed once a month. Your due date will be at least 21 days from the date billed each month. Your bill will include, current meter reading and date read, previous meter reading, billed consumption.

Your bill will generally be broken up into the following five parts: Water, Sewer, Account Charge, Stormwater and Trash.


National statistics show the average person uses 3 HCF (hundred cubic feet) or 2244 gallons of water a month. To find your estimated monthly average usage in HCF or gallons, simply multiply the number of people in your household by three or 2224 respectively. The City of Lynchburg bills your account at the rate of 1 unit per HCF. Please refer to rates information on this page to calculate an average bill for your account. Please note that this is an average, and the number of people in your household may also reflect guests and visitors.