Tenant Complaint

If you are having trouble with your landlord or management company not responding to repair requests, you can fill out the 14-day letter for repair request and a copy of your request will be emailed to the City inspections office.

If the responsible party does not make the repairs within a reasonable time frame, you (the complainant) must call the City to schedule an appointment to conduct an official housing/rental-based inspection.

Please note: Responsible parties are the owner of the record and the occupants. If an inspection is conducted, sanitation and other occupant-related code violations may be cited.

All building code notice of violation reports are subject to court action and criminal charges for all responsible parties.

  • Fill out this form online for the City's records.
    • Note: once you submit the form, you will see a link to both email and or download the completed form for your records and to mail/email a copy of this 14-day repair request to your landlord/management company or contact person responsible for making repair.
  • Please allow a couple of days for your party to make repairs to receive and respond to this notice.

Note: Rental complaints not registered with the Lynchburg Residential Inspection Program will automatically be added to the program and scheduled for an inspection of the exterior and interior.