Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

The Lynchburg Fire Department began delivering EMS services in 1976. We currently provide five Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances staffed 24 hours per day and one ambulance staffed during the periods of highest demand for service. Two additional "reserve" ambulances are utilized as backup and staffed on an "as needed" basis. We provide primary EMS response for both emergency and non-emergency ambulance transportation within the City.

Our ALS medic units are equipped to provide advanced cardiac care for the cardiac patient. These units have the capability of sending 12 leads directly to the physician in the emergency room, allowing the physician to assess the patient's condition and, when needed, bypass the emergency room and be taken directly to the Cath Lab for catheterization. This reduces the door-to-balloon time, which decreases the amount of damage caused to the patient's heart. This greatly increases the quality of life the patient has after experiencing a major cardiac event.

In addition to medical treatment and ambulance transport, the department offers an aggressive medical first response program, utilizing multiple pieces of fire apparatus. All uniformed employees are trained to the minimum level of Emergency Medical Technician, and all first line responding apparatus are equipped with an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED), as well as other medical supplies. All personnel are cross-trained in fire suppression for dual roles. In stations that house ambulances, personnel rotate on a regular basis between the fire apparatus and ambulances.

In addition, our department provides medical standby services for special events such as sports events, large concerts, etc.

EMT Specialized Teams

EMS Services are also provided as part of the department's specialized Teams which include:

  • Bicycle Emergency Response Team (BERT): A specially trained employee group which offers medical coverage for large events. These individuals also deliver multiple bike safety programs.
  • Tactical Paramedic Response Team: This specially trained team consists of Paramedics that work with the local Police Department at critical incidents such as hostage situations, drug raids, high-risk search warrants, barricade situations and other high-risk situations.