Office of Management & Budget

Financial Services plans, organizes, and administers all financial activities for the Municipal Government and functions as managerial aide in matters of fiscal policy and other related financial planning.


Integrity and Excellence in the management of City resources.


To provide financial management, information, and business products to Council, Departments, Agencies, Investors, and Citizens so they can have confidence in City Government, make informed decisions, and achieve community goals.

Strategic Objectives

  • Build financial and economic strength through sound fiscal policies.
  • Maximize existing resources and new revenue opportunities.
  • Provide integrated, aligned business products and support that help focus the City's resources on Citizens.
  • Ensure that policymakers and stakeholders (Council, Department, Agencies and Citizens) have true cost data to make informed, meaningful decisions with accuracy and integrity.
  • Ensure that policymakers and stakeholders have clear, reliable information on how tax dollars are spent and understand the value they are getting in terms of results.

Operational Objectives

  • Ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness in serving our internal and external customers
  • Improve the value of services we deliver by continuously identifying the ongoing needs of our internal and external customers, determining how to meet those needs, implementing effective improvements, and monitoring how well the needs have been met.
  • Seek and develop reliable tools for measurement of progress to evaluate and continually improve value and performance.

The Chief Financial Officer holds full responsibility for overall strategic and operational planning, leadership, and guidance to the Financial Services Department.

The Office of Management and Budget prepares the annual operating and capital budgets; monitors and evaluates the condition of City budgets; provides internal control oversight; and reviews alternatives and prepares recommendations on budget, management, and policy issues for the City Manager and Council. Provides information and assistance on budgeting for City departments, and assists in the development of the Capital Improvements Program.