Burning Guidelines (No Permit Needed)

Regulations regarding open burning in Lynchburg are set forth in Chapter 4 of the City Code (Section 4; Chapters 62, 64, 65).

A permit must first be obtained for certain types of burning such as for bonfires or for land clearing purposes. Certain other types of open burning are unlawful. Persons shall not burn garbage, rubber tires, household refuge, petroleum-based materials, plastics, wiring insulation, demolition materials, or any toxic or hazardous materials.

The open burning of leaves, sticks, yard and garden trimmings is allowed without a permit provided that the following guidelines are complied with:

The burn site is located where the property owner has given permission for this burning.

The accumulation of leaves and trimmings must be in a pile that does not exceed eight feet in any direction. Leaves can only be burned September 15th through February 15th.

The pile to be burned must be free of any stumps, large limbs, and any of the prohibited materials.

The location of the burning must be at least 300 feet from any occupied building unless the occupants of the occupied building give written permission for the burning to take place at a lesser distance, and at least ten feet from the adjoining property line and public right-of-way. The distance to the property line does not apply when the adjoining property owner(s) has given prior written permission for such burning.

At least one person 16 years of age or older shall supervise and be in close proximity of the burning at all times.

A one-half inch diameter or larger water hose with a nozzle shall be connected to a fully charged (i.e. open), operational spigot and shall be in close proximity to the burning.

All burning must take place between the hours of 8 am to 8 pm.

Burning must not be conducted when the wind velocity exceeds ten miles per hour or the Fire Marshal has issued a ban on burning because of very dry conditions or poor air quality.

Any burning outside of these guidelines are either prohibited or may need permits. If no legal permit is obtained, the open burn may be extinguished by the fire department.

Citizens are advised to call the Lynchburg Fire Marshal's Office at 434-455-6375 if they have any questions concerning open burning or related fire safety matters.