Smoke Alarms

The Lynchburg Fire Department wants to ensure that every home in the City of Lynchburg has a working smoke alarm. Operation Smoke Alarm is a community service initiative provided by the Lynchburg Fire Department. Smoke alarms have been donated by local organizations, enabling us to install them into homes within the city limits free of charge.

While installing smoke alarms, the Lynchburg Fire Department also provides smoke alarm tips and stress the importance of changing the batteries when you change your clock for Daylight Savings Time, lightly vacuuming the alarm every month, and never ever taking the batteries out without replacing them or the alarm.

If you, a neighbor, or family member are without smoke alarms in your home, please call us at 434-455-6342 or 434-455-6375 to request one. If you are a tenant in need of a smoke alarm, please notify your landlord of this requirement as soon as possible. If you are still having problems getting smoke alarms installed, please call our office.

Smoke Alarms Can Save Lives!