Parking Violations

To pay a parking ticket/citation, use the Parking Portal and follow these easy Paying a Parking Ticket Steps (PDF).

To appeal a parking ticket/citation, call 434-455-4045.

Here is a listing of fines for various parking citations:

Overtime Parking 15 Min.$2025-247.1N/A
Overtime Parking 30 Min$2025-247.1N/A
Overtime Parking 1 Hour$2025-247.1N/A
Overtime Parking 2 Hour$2025-247.1N/A
Overtime Parking 3 Hour$2025-247.1N/A
Overtime Parking$2025-247.1N/A
Expired Meter Parking$2025-247.2N/A
Blocking Driveway$3025-256Park in front of a public or private driveway
City Council Parking$3025-247.1Park in any designated parking area
Expired/No State Inspection$3025-317.1Parking vehicles without inspection stickers on highways within the City.
Expired/No State License$3025-261Parking vehicles without state license on highways.
Parking/Blocking Traffic$3025-256Park within an intersection or traveled way
Parking in a Bus Stop$3025-266N/A
Parking in a Crosswalk$3025-256N/A
Parking in a Fire Lane$3025-256Park at any place where official signs and/or pavement markings prohibit parking.
Parking in a No Parking Zone$3025-256Park at any place where official signs and/or pavement markings prohibit parking.
Parking in Reserved Space$3025-247.1N/A
Parking on Sidewalk$3025-256N/A
Parking on Private Property$3025-257N/A
Parking within 15ft Fire Hydrant$3025-256N/A
Parking Wrong Side of Street$3046.2-889VA State Code
Permit Parking Zone$3025-257.1N/A
Parking Prohibited in Specified Places$3025-256N/A
Parking Loading Zone$3025-265Parking in a Loading Zone outside of the CBD area
Parking on grass City Right/Way$3025-257.1Parking on City property.
Parking Blocking Traffic$3025-256N/A
Parking Loading Zone in CBD area$5025-265 O-19-028Parking in a Loading Zone within the CBD area.
Stopping on Highways$10025-250N/A
Parking in Handicap Parking Zone$25025-310Parking in a designated Handicap area