Youth & Prevention Services

Youth and Prevention Services provides a rewarding environment for the growth and development of youth. We assume an advocacy role for youth; encouraging school attendance, belief in themselves, helping others, and becoming involved in their community.


Developing prevention and early intervention activities and collaborating with local youth serving groups and agencies.

Youth & Prevention Goals

  • Identify the needs of youth and families in Lynchburg and work collaboratively to meet those needs.
  • Advocate for the highest quality of services and programs needed by youth.
  • Decrease delinquency and involvement with the Juvenile Justice System by fostering the development of prevention resources.

Youth and Prevention staff provides a variety of initiatives and programs while partnering with many individuals, departments, businesses, and coalitions in the city.

Advisory Board

The Youth and Prevention Services Citizens Advisory Board is appointed by Lynchburg City Council and provides oversight and guidance to the non-profit entity, Lynchburg Youth Services, Inc.


The mission is to challenge and empower youth dedicating all assets to their betterment regardless of race, creed, or gender. The board works in conjunction with other local groups and agencies to provide the best possible environment for the growth and development of youth and their families.

Youth Volunteer Award

The advisory board seeks nominations for their Youth Volunteer Award! The award is presented in November of each year. Applications for individuals who contributes their unpaid time to the youth of this city are eligible to receive this award. Nominations should be received by youth and prevention staff by the second Monday in October and the award is presented in November.

Nomination Form

Please use the form for nominations: