Alternatives to Bulk Collection - Donations

Often the items that you place in bulk trash can actually be useful to others. Before you go to throw something away, please investigate whether donating, scrapping, or otherwise disposing of your old items is a possibility.

Oversized items present a special waste problem. When large items are no longer useful, it is often difficult to store them until they can be properly disposed of. However, with a little planning and sometimes just a single phone call, your oversized "junk" can find new life and do a whole lot of good in our community.

Lynchburg is home to several organizations that take donations of large, gently used items such as appliances, furniture, carpets, mattresses, large toys, cabinetry, fans and lighting, and even architectural details.

Lynchburg's Habitat for Humanity RestoreAgape Lynchburg, and Goodwill Industries along with numerous faith-based and other organizations, provide drop-off (and in some cases, pick-up) services for large items that are in usable condition or simply need minor repair. When donating items, please inquire about the agency's 501(c)(3) registration, and ask for a receipt. This allows you to get the full benefit of your donation, via a tax deduction and helps to ensure that you are dealing with an organization that handles waste properly and works to benefit our community.

The City of Lynchburg asks you to separate carefully those items that are truly waste from those that are simply no longer useful to your household. What's the difference? Waste includes items that do not work, are broken beyond repair, and are so outdated as to present a safety hazard. These should be disposed of through our bulk collection program. All other items can and should be donated. It is often surprising what charitable organizations will accept, so please consult them before throwing away an item that may be useful.

OTHER: Many large items house chemicals that fall into the category of hazardous waste. These include appliances such as refrigerators which have freon as a coolant, and large televisions with cathode ray tubes. The City of Lynchburg separates items like these and follows appropriate disposal guidelines according to Federal law. You can be assured that our groundwater will remain uncontaminated by any solid waste that we collect.