Welcome to the Engineering Division of Public Works. We normally work "behind the scenes" to ensure public safety regarding streets, construction, traffic patterns, etc.

Apply for Right of Way Permits 

Under City sections 25-212 and 35-12 work in City Right-of-Way (ROW) requires a permit from the Engineering Department and payment of a fee set by the City Manager.

Design & Construction  

Engineering Design and Management is responsible for sewer lines, water lines, culverts, storm lines, sidewalks, curb and gutter, and Capital Improvement Projects (CIP). 

Map Room 

Find information about the map room.


In accordance with the City of Lynchburg Code of Ordinances, it is required that any person desiring to cross the City sidewalks, curbs, or street right-of-way lines with such vehicle or machinery to enter any private premises, private roads, or alleys, shall make application to the City Engineer for a permit to construct a driveway across City property. 


The Traffic Division is responsible for timing and coordination of traffic signals at 110 Lynchburg intersections, signing, and pavement markings on City Streets instillation of street lights, right-of-way permits and handicap parking. 

Project Websites 

The Construction Division of Public Works is responsible for bridge construction, bridge safety inspections, downtown revitalization projects, and other various projects.