Youth Group Home

The Lynchburg Youth Group Home (LYGH) provides crisis stabilization through its shelter care services as well as a longer term program for those juveniles between the ages of 12 to 17 that require greater structure and supervision than can be provided in their home. These youth are primarily referred by a Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court and/or Social Services in Lynchburg and surrounding counties.

Services provided by LYGH include individual and group counseling, as well as, family meetings and structured home visits. The program works with the child to identify personal goals and to teach them to follow an educational and/or work plan to live a healthier lifestyle and form good relationships. LYGH offers instruction on improving decision making and developing anger management strategies to aid in becoming responsible members of their community.

Prior to the development of LYGH, the males were housed at the Opportunity House located on Cabell Street and the females were located at the Sparc House on the grounds of the Presbyterian Home on VES Road. A new facility was constructed in 2016 beside the Lynchburg Regional Juvenile Detention Center to house both the males and females and named the Lynchburg Youth Group Home. Both facilities together are called the Lynchburg Juvenile Services Complex.

Court Service Units and Social Services agencies may to fill out a referral form (DOCX) and group home brochure (PDF). Please send the completed form to JT Smith via email, Cheryl Edwards via email, or to Victor Lilly via email. You may also fax the form to 434-847-1703.