For Parents of Children at Youth Group Home

Please read the following information for answers to many questions.

If you child has been placed at Lynchburg Youth Group Home, it is important that we meet as soon as possible to complete the intake process. Ideally, you will come to the facility to not only complete the intake, but also to see where your child is currently living. If you cannot come to the facility because of health or transportation issues, please call 434-455-4060 and ask to talk with your child's assigned caseworker who will make alternative arrangements for you to complete the intake.

Phone Calls

Your child will be able to earn phone time on Monday and Wednesday evenings (females) Tuesday and Thursday evenings (males). He/she can use this time to call family or friends. If there is a special need, the caseworker can place calls during the business day throughout the week for your child.

Visitation/Home Visits

Visitation is scheduled with your child's caseworker on a weekly basis for a duration of 30 minutes unless approved by administration. The following items are not permitted during visitation: cell phones, cameras, food, drink, purses or bags. Proper attire is expected. No profanity, vulgar, or loud speech will be tolerated. Violations of any sort will result in your being asked to leave. The Lynchburg Juvenile Services Complex is under video surveillance at all times.

Personal Belongings

Your child will need adequate clothing that is appropriate for the season. We ask that they not have shirts or shoes that are red or blue, as these colors can be associated with gangs. They will not be allowed to have cellular phones or other electronic devices. He/she should not bring in items such as DVDs or CDs or related items to the facility. If your child has their own grooming supplies such as roll-on deodorant, shampoo, lotion, etc., you may bring these to him/her. Staff will need to review and inventory the items you bring; items that are not allowed will be returned for you to take home or secured.

Permission for Health Care

Since your child is a minor, we need for you to give us permission to obtain emergency health care. Therefore, we will need to make copies of any applicable insurance cards. We will try to coordinate care with you when possible so that you may be present. In the event of an emergency, we will call you as soon as the crisis allows-our first concern will be to get the necessary treatment for the child. Please also provide immunization information, if available.

Other Personal Documents

It is helpful to make copies of your child's other important documents such as social security card, birth certificate, Virginia ID, etc.

Daily Schedule

Your child is expected to follow the program schedule and will need to participate in their approved educational plan. In addition to normal routines, such as, personal hygiene time and meals the schedule allows for homework periods, recreation, personal time, and groups.

Emergencies/Alternative Shelter

You child has been informed of what is expected during a fire drill. The program staff has a plan for many types of potential situations such as severe weather conditions, a tornado, a drought, an illness or injury, as well as many other possible conditions. If the program must seek alternative housing for the youth, the group would be transferred to 1517 Jackson Street. The family will be kept as informed as possible.

Grievance / Problem Resolution

If you feel like you or your child is being treated unfairly by staff and you cannot resolve the issue with the staff, please let us know so that we can work with you. There is a form in the intake office that you can fill out or you can ask a staff member to assist you. You need to know that the program will not respond in a punitive way to you filing a grievance. There is an administrator on call at all times who can be reached if needed to resolve the issue. If you disagree with the initial findings of the hearing officer, the casework supervisor will hear your appeal. You may reach an administrator at 434-455-4060 if it is outside of normal business hours.

Allowances / Personal Monies

You may provide your child with spending money although, this is not required. Normally, he will not need any cash. It is suggested that he/she not be given more than $5 unless there is a special planned activity. Any special planned activities such as a trip to a museum or theme park will be planned ahead and the family will be informed of any costs not being covered by the agency.