Riverside Park Overlook

The existing stone overlook in historic Riverside Park will have the east and west stone walls deconstructed and rebuilt with a concrete backup wall and associated concrete foundation. Stone will be salvaged from the existing wall. The top of the stone wall and pilasters will be rebuilt to match the existing. The existing stone buttresses to remain on the north wall will be supported by concrete footings, and proper drainage maintenance will be installed throughout the overlook area.

Project amount: $686,000

The Project is a 210 calendar day contract.

Project Schedule and City of Lynchburg Representatives

  • Anticipated Start Date: Spring of 2019
  • Anticipated Completion Date: Winter of 2019
  • Contractor: First Class Contracting
  • City Project Manager: Cheree Taylor and Don Dye
  • Project Owner: Parks and Recreation Department

For further information regarding this project, please see Parks and Recreation's Riverside Park Master Plan (PDF).

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